Unisex all over print cut & sew t-shirt

Once you’re willing to start selling your shirts, you are going to desire a method of getting them seen by as numerous potential customers as is possible.

Whilst many e-commerce companies automatically assume much apparel fabric is of better quality, it is not the truth, as fabric weight really doesn’t determine superiority. Lightweight and heavyweight fabrics can both be of varying quality.

There is a selection of print on demand services that make it simple to sell your custom T-shirt designs online

Print when needed. Finally, with ecommerce platforms like Shopify, it’s never been easier to create a fully functional web shop (website name included) in a matter of hours to validate your small business idea. Start a 14-day trial offer and integrate a print-on-demand intend to validate your t shirt printing hong kong by trying to sell them online.

Naturally, in this particular comprehensive exhibition, one is instructed to take into account the longevity of the T-shirt and it is enduring appeal. What makes the T-shirt so special, and why has it existed for such a long time? Aside from its disruptive capability, Nothdruft makes note of their simplicity. “It’s simple … as well as in its basic form, it’s not gendered,” he remarks. “In its most pure form, it’s one of the most democratic garment”.

Screen-printed tees can be made by hand or by machine. And either way, this technique may be the gold standard for T-shirt printing. The printer is likely to make original screens of the T-shirt design, allowing you to print in big amounts.

We use Direct to Garment printing method for high detail graphics and images that doesn’t have solid edge. Only cotton fabric can be printed by this method.


There’s no need to purchase or hold any inventory upfront, which makes it the best way to get started. Best of all, if you want to make use of design on other printable products, such as mugs and tote bags, you’ve that option at the same time.

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